Girls Can Be Engineers

Each of us at Altieri recognizes the power of women and is committed to spotlighting the many contributions women make in our field and to our firm. Altieri Associate, Joe Renzulli, showed his commitment to these efforts by bringing to our attention an article in The Norwalk Hour about Jamila Lindo, civil engineer, Norwalk native, … More Girls Can Be Engineers

Starting the Path

Written by Campbell Nystrom, 2022 Altieri Intern I vividly remember sitting in my room with my laptop, nervously pulling up my university’s applicant website. By that point I had received acceptances, rejections, and the mess in between, but this was the application that mattered most. The beginning of my senior year of high school, I … More Starting the Path

Women Uplift Women

2022 Building Design + Construction: Women in Design + Construction Conference In September, I represented Altieri at the Building Design + Construction: Women in Design + Construction conference. This is the first time Altieri has attended a conference focused on women in the industry and it certainly won’t be the last! Women from all sectors … More Women Uplift Women

Welcome to wom(EN)gineer!

We are very excited to launch our blog! wom(EN)gineer is a new opportunity to inspire and be inspired. A platform to share stories, lessons learned, wins… and losses. To spotlight innovators, mentors, and students. We are eager to engage in compelling (and essential) conversations about individual and collective experiences, current industry trends, and many other … More Welcome to wom(EN)gineer!

International Women in Engineering Day 2022

Happy International Women in Engineering Day! Every year on June 23rd, we join the community around the world honoring our inspiring women engineers. It’s a day to celebrate the ever-increasing contributions women are making to the field and a day to encourage more women to join the STEM community. Today’s celebration continues to mark our … More International Women in Engineering Day 2022