Bringing Men into the Conversation

Written by Phil Steiner, PE, Principal and Managing Director, Altieri I am honored and grateful to be the first male contributor to wom(EN)gineer, a blog in which important conversations are happening. Increasing the number of women in our industry and throwing bright light on their contributions simply makes good sense. Achieving diversity within an organization … More Bringing Men into the Conversation

Starting an Architectural Firm from Nothing, Part 2 

Written by guest blogger Juhee-Lee Hartford of River Architects (Part 1 can be found here.) I started my architectural practice with just a CAD station and an 8.5”x 11” inkjet printer. However, I don’t recommend it. It will be less stressful to start with some seed money from savings, an angel investor, or an interest-free family … More Starting an Architectural Firm from Nothing, Part 2 

Sit at the Table

Hello – my name is Elizabeth Fleming, an Associate Vice President and the Alternative Delivery Resource Manager at Henningson Durham and Richardson (HDR), an engineering and architecture firm based in the U.S. with global offices. I work in our Manhattan office focused on large-scale, complex, alternative delivery projects in the transportation sector. Perhaps you’ve driven … More Sit at the Table

Girls Can Be Engineers

Each of us at Altieri recognizes the power of women and is committed to spotlighting the many contributions women make in our field and to our firm. Altieri Associate, Joe Renzulli, showed his commitment to these efforts by bringing to our attention an article in The Norwalk Hour about Jamila Lindo, civil engineer, Norwalk native, … More Girls Can Be Engineers

Starting an Architectural Firm from Nothing, Part 1

I’d like to introduce everyone to our latest guest blogger, Juhee Lee-Hartford. I met Juhee over 25 years ago when we worked together on the Bridgemarket project with Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates. It was immediately clear that Juhee was a talented designer who would go far in the industry. Just a few years after we … More Starting an Architectural Firm from Nothing, Part 1

Starting the Path

Written by Campbell Nystrom, 2022 Altieri Intern I vividly remember sitting in my room with my laptop, nervously pulling up my university’s applicant website. By that point I had received acceptances, rejections, and the mess in between, but this was the application that mattered most. The beginning of my senior year of high school, I … More Starting the Path